Michael covers all aspects of obstetrics – from normal to high risk pregnancies including disorders such as gestational diabetes, multiple births, placenta previa and pregnancies in more mature-aged women.


During your pregnancy Michael will see you at each prenatal (before birth) appointment. Micheal will review all relevant tests and will talk you through your progress and address any question or concerns that may arise.

More information about Prenatal obstetric services



During this phase it is important to rest, eat a light diet, hydrate, take warm baths, perhaps take a gentle walk – most of all continue to rest to conserve your energy for when true labour establishes.

More information about Labour obstetric services.


Michael encourages you and your partner to create the individual experience you desire for your labour and delivery. He is open to your birthing wishes – with the priority placed on the safety and wellbeing of you and your baby.

More information about Delivery obstetric services.


Caesarean Sections

More information about Caesarean Sections services.


During your stay in hospital, Michael will visit you each day to ensure that you and your baby are progressing as expected. Both The North Shore Private hospital and The Mater Hospital provide services in the immediate postnatal period – to educate and support you and your partner with your new baby. More information about Postnatal obstetric services.