Your first appointment

Your first appointment at 10 weeks will go for 30 minutes and will involve:

  • An ultrasound examination – you do not need to prepare for this ultrasound
  • An accurate due date of delivery
  • Review of previous tests & investigations prior to this appointment – for example blood tests
  • Discuss chromosal testing and options
  • Address any concerns or questions you may have

An earlier appointment within 10 weeks of pregnancy may be necessary if you are unsure of your date of conception or estimated due date, have previous experienced a miscarriage, or are experiencing bleeding or other symptoms that are concerning you. Please contact us if you are concerned about any of these aspects.

Preparing for your first appointment

A referral from your GP for your first appointment enables you to claim a Medicare rebate – this is highly advisable.

To your first consultation, remember to bring:

  • All previous blood results or ultrasounds that you have performed for this pregnancy
  • Any questions that you may have. It is a good idea to write questions down before you see Michael. This ensures that all your questions and concerns are addressed in your consultation

Michael welcomes you and your partner to be involved in each decision surrounding your pregnancy and birth.

Michael will help accommodate your desires and expectations through your pregnancy. So please share your ideal journey and delivery with him.