Firstly, thank you so much for delivering us two gorgeous girls. How lucky are we. I think you deserve a medal for putting up with me throughout my last preganancy. You managed me so well and clearly have a lot of experience with very impatient women. We really could not have asked for a more ‘level-headed, talented and kind’ obstetrician (with a good sense of humour, which helps!) – I’m so glad we stumbled across you.

Marnie and Daniel

Thank you for the care and support you have provided over the past several months. Although we cannot even begin to match the gift you delivered into this world (even if it is in Australia!)

Win, Marianne and Brayden

Thank you so much for caring for me and my family, Thomas, Ella, and now Henry. I appreciate your wisdom and skill together with keeping me sane! Much thanks.


Thank you very much for looking after my baby Elizabeth and I during and after my pregnancy. You definitely helped me a lot, not only by delivering her, but calming me as I was very anxious especially in the early stages of the pregnancy. It was a pleasure to get to know you and have you as my obstetrician!


We cannot thank you enough for the care we received from you with each new addition. Your very personal approach and warmth only adds to the excitement of a new baby and makes us want to keep adding to our family!! Many many thanks – enjoy your holidays.

Peter, Karen, Oscar, Lily and Hugh


Attached is a terrific shot of you doing your best with Charlie (Charles). For me personally, a thousand thankyou for delivering our 3 children. I reckon we’re done. That is of course a little bittersweet because the day itself (birth) is a cracker and one that is addictive for the sheer, unbridled joy of the moment. But I think we’re done. As I think back across the 3 births – it’s only in retrospect that I realise how hectic Fleur’s birth was compared to the others which could have taken place in a cocktail lounge in comparison. Inductions aren’t fun. As we close the chapter on our accelerated breeding program, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect upon your great skill and professionalism. I know it’s what you do for a job – but please never forget what it means for us and the family we are lucky to have. My favourite line has always been “….well guys it’s pregnancy and shit happens…” entirely what my dear wife needed to hear on more than one occasion. Good luck to you and yours.


Thanks Michael for all your expertise and assistance in giving us another healthy child. You are a brilliant doctor and have a great ability to read your patients to make them feel good about all their choices. Also I am very impressed with your ability to run to time almost always.


Thank you very much Michael for your kindness, understanding and good humour in bringing our little Charlotte into the world. You were always so lovely during all of our visits and especially good with the 7.35 am request!! Thank you again for making that happen. We really appreciate everything.

Jodie, Justin and Charlotte

Thank you so much for all the care and support you gave us during the pregnancy. All is going really well with baby Samuel and I am recovering so well. Thanks, Nicola, Owen and Samuel

Nicole, Owen and Samuel